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(July 2014) WebWise Education to exhibit at "NAPCS" - National Alliance for Public Charter Schools in Las Vegas, Nevada
WebWise Education is scheduled to exhibit at NAPCS' upcoming annual conference in Las Vegas. With over 2,000 expected attendees, this conference focuses on uniting charter schools throughout the nation and finding common ground within the policies and practices of the charter school movement. WebWise Education is slated to present on key issues that pertain to the challenges charter schools face, and conduct formal and informal Q & A sessions afterwards.

(July 2014) WebWise Education invited to attend El Dorado SELPA's Special Education Leadership Academy
The El Dorado SELPA oversees hundreds of public charter schools throughout the state of California and provides a multitude of resources and support for charter schools and their special education departments. WebWise Education enjoyed sponsoring one of the luncheons and meeting all of the passionate Special Education administrators across the state.  

(June 15, 2014) WebWise Education acquires The Learning Solution
WebWise Education acquired The Learning Solution, a brick and mortar boutique tutoring company specializing in providing high-end tutoring services to the students of elite private schools in Southern California. The Learning Solution has a strong track record of providing tutoring services to hundreds of student all throughout Southern California.  The Learning Solution will be able to capitalize on WebWise Tutors technology and infrastructure as it opens more tutoring centers in the coming years.  

(May 15, 2014) WebWise Education announces partnership with
WebWise Tutors announced today that it finalized a partnership agreement with offers comprehensive, premium K-12 curriculum and learning materials which is free and is used by thousands of teachers, parents, coaches and students worldwide.  The services offered by both companies is very complementary and this synergy will allow both organizations to provide a more comprehensive set of solutions to K-12 schools across the U.S. and globally.­­

(May 4, 2014) WebWise Tutors launches pilot program with SIAS International University in China
WebWise Tutors has launched a pilot program designed to help students with English Language skills. Sias currently has over 6,000 students enrolled in the School of International Education.  Those students must pass 124 credit hours in order to be awarded the bachelor’s degree, of which 82 hours are courses taught by Sias International University instructors and 42 hours are Fort Hays State University courses taught by foreign instructors.  The pilot program is designed to assist students with the English part of their program.  

(May 2014)  LAUSD selects WebWise Education to sponsor the 3rd Annual Special Education Conference for Charter School Division
WebWise Education has been selected by LAUSD and its Charter School Division to sponsor 3rd Annual Special Education Conference on August 5, 2014. LAUSD's Charter Operated Programs (COP) is collaborating with its charter school partners to hold their third annual Special Education Summit.  Attendees include over 500 charter school leaders, counselors, teachers, and a variety of charter staff to participate in this annual summit.  The summit empowers parents, community and educators with essential information about students with special needs in an effort to work collaboratively to promote positive support and interventions to improve the academic achievement of its special needs population.

(May 2014) WebWise Therapy Services submits formal presenter papers for CEC's next annual conference
WebWise Therapy Services has submitted its formal presenter papers to the Council for Exceptional Children. This is the most prestigious special education conference in the country, and individuals chosen to present are judged using strict academically-relevant criteria. The focus of papers submitted centers on the area of pre-vocational skills and middle school students, with an emphasis on logistics and implementation.

(May 2014) WebWise Education announces new Jigsaw LMS for Special Education students
WebWise, in collaboration with Jigsaw, has unveiled a new LMS that greatly accommodates students with a variety of different disabilities. The new format is a 2-pane whiteboard screen, instead of the customary 4-pane screen, which greatly reduces external visual stimuli for students. WebWise Education is the only online service provider who has access to this customized LMS, and we anticipate enormous positive feedback from students, teachers, parents, and administrators in the coming months.

(April 1, 2014) WebWise Tutors announces partnership with I-3 Results
WebWise Tutors announced today that it finalized a partnership agreement with I-3 Results.  I-3 Results provides innovative enrollment strategies, marketing solutions, and lead management information that assists universities with their admission outreach efforts.  The synergy between this partnership allows both organizations to provide a more comprehensive set of solutions to universities struggling with admissions and retention efforts.

(April, 2014) WebWise Tutors exhibits at the Council for Exceptional Children Annual Conference
WebWise Tutors exhibited at the "Council for Exceptional Children Conference in Philadelphia" April 23-26.  In addition to being an exhibitor, Maggie Garretson (Executive Vice President for WebWise Tutors) and Robyn Chu (Vice President for WebWise Therapy Services) facilitated a workshop focusing on how to use technology when providing services to children with special needs.  

(April 2014)  WebWise Education announces launch of Virtual Speech and Language Program for Extended School Year Students with California charter school organization
WebWise Education is excited to announce the launching of its Virtual Telepractice Services Program this May. WWE has been contracted by a California non-profit charter school organization to provide online Speech and Language services for students who receive Extended School Year (ESY). This program introduces WWE's new virtual telepractice services provided in many different disciplines, including Occupational Therapy and Counseling Consult services.

(April 2014) WebWise Education presents Virtual Telepractice Program at Nassau BOCES in New York
WebWise Education’s EVP, Maggie Garretson, and VP of WebWise Therapy Services, Robyn Chu, were invited to present at Nassau BOCES' "Virtual Breakfast" in Long Island, New York. Nassau BOCES is home to over 34 school districts, 120 schools, and 220,000 students. It is launching its new virtual education program in the Fall, and WWE was one of four vendors who have been approved to provide virtual tutoring services as well as all virtual special education services. 

(April 2014) WebWise Education and Growing Healthy Children announce collaborative partnership for virtual telepractice program
WebWise Education has entered into a collaborative partnership with Growing Healthy Children's Robyn and J.D. Chu, renowned experts in their respective fields of Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy. With this exciting partnership, WebWise Education is now offering virtual services in ALL special education-related disciplines through our unique program and platform we designed with students' best interests in mind.

(February, 2014) WebWise Tutors announces partnership with Pima Partnership High School
WebWise Tutors recently entered into a partnership agreement with Pima Partnership High School based in Tucson, Arizona.  Pima Partnership H.S. serves approximately 200 students and is located near downtown Tucson.  The focus of this partnership was to offer supplemental test prep services to help students achieve adequate progress in the math area of the state’s standardized exam, AIMS.

(December, 2013) WebWise Tutors announces partnership with Morgan International  
WebWise Tutors recently announced that it finalized a partnership agreement with Morgan International.  Morgan is headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon and offers professional certification programs and diplomas in the fields of Accounting, Auditing, Finance, Logistics, Marketing and Human Resources.  Morgan International is present in 36 major cities worldwide.  The synergy between this partnership allows both organizations to provide a more comprehensive set of solutions to students, parents, and schools in the markets that Morgan International currently serves.

(November, 2013) WebWise Tutors announces partnership with Sonoran Desert Institute 
WebWise Tutors recently announced that it entered into a partnership agreement with Sonoran Desert Institute (SDI) based in Scottsdale, Arizona.  SDI is a DETC accredited online and distance learning school providing associate degrees and certificate programs.  The collaboration allows both organizations to offer a more comprehensive set of solutions to SDI’s students in their pursuit of academic progress and excellence.

(October 2013) WebWise Tutors attends National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA) in San Diego, California
WebWise Tutors attended NACSA's annual Leadership Conference in San Diego this past fall. Those in attendance included charter school authorizers and operators, policymakers, and education leaders throughout the country. WebWise expanded its reach of current and potential charter school clients both in the state of California, as well as in many other parts of the country who have a need for virtual special education and general education services.

(October 2013) WebWise Tutors presents at the California Charter School's Development Annual Conference in San Francisco.
WebWise Tutors was able to present an outside the box approach to meeting the needs of Special Education students. WebWise Tutors co-presented with Innovative Education Management and Robyn Chu, OT, from Growing Healthy Children.

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