Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.
Nelson Mandela

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WebWise Tutors

WebWise Tutors is the premier online tutoring provider in the industry—a trusted educational resource for parents and students alike. WebWise offers a full array of online tutoring services for K-12, Post-Secondary and International students.

WebWise Tutors offers:

  • Fully U.S. Credentialed, and online certificated teachers, all with a proven track record of success, ensuring a safe, secure and reliable environment.
  • An innovative online platform that offers video, audio and live chat, providing a learning system that is engaging, easy to use, and effective.
  • Individual and Ongoing Assessment of All Student's Strengths and Weaknesses.
  • High quality curriculum aligned to state standards, thus meeting the real world needs of the individual student, school and district.
  • A flexible, individualized approach to learning, aligning education with each student's needs.
WebWise Tutors

WebWise Therapy Services is the premier online therapy provider, offering quality, school-based speech, occupational, and physical therapy, as well as adaptive physical education, counseling, assistive technology and special education support.

WebWise Therapy Services offers:

  • Therapy services that focus on making academic progress by guiding therapeutic activities that are intrinsically motivating, address foundational areas of need, and are linked to the Common Core State Standards.
  • Fiscally conscious services across a host of disciplines, streamlining service delivery and promoting greater continuity of care.
  • Flexible scheduling which meets the individual needs of each student in the least restrictive environment and encourages IEP team involvement.
  • Therapy services provided by uniquely qualified, experienced therapists who believe in the power of connecting with students, motivating them to become their best.
WebWise Tutors

WebWise Test Prep is an innovative test prep course that utilizes syncronous courses, conveniently deliverd online by your own personal tutor, offering an engaging and customized strategy to deliver higher SAT and ACT scores.

WebWise Test Prep offers:

  • Highly relatable and well trained instructors who are held accountable for student performance, along with a personal learning environment that offers a high tech, interactive approach that caters to how students learn.
  • Customized programs that offer shorter and more frequent prep sessions, thus increasing student focus and retention, while vastly promoting individual motivation.
  • Individual planning and exit strategies, customized to the student's particular learning needs and testing skills.
  • More assessments than competitive companies, thus promoting more practice with actual testing materials, greater test endurance and improved problem solving capabilities.


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